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-bound a suffix that means "going toward," or "planning to go to." [2 definitions]
bound1 held by ties or fastened by bands; tied. [4 definitions]
bound2 to leap; spring. [2 definitions]
bound3 a line not to be crossed; limit; restriction. [3 definitions]
bound4 on the way to; headed (usually followed by "for").
boundary something that marks the edge or limit.
bountiful willing to give plenty; generous. [2 definitions]
bounty the quality of giving in abundance; generosity. [2 definitions]
bouquet a bunch of flowers, often arranged in a special way to be attractive.
bout a match or fight between two people in wrestling or boxing. [2 definitions]
bow1 to bend the head or upper body forward in order to greet or take notice of someone. [3 definitions]
bow2 a weapon used for shooting arrows. A bow is made of a curved strip of wood or other material with a cord stretched tight between the two ends. [4 definitions]
bow3 the front part of a ship or boat.
bow and scrape to behave with too much politeness.
bowel (usually plural) the long tube below the stomach that forms part of the digestive system; intestine.
bowl1 a deep, rounded dish used for holding food or liquid. [5 definitions]
bowl2 to play the game of bowling. [2 definitions]
bow-legged having legs that curve outward around or below the knees.
bowling a game in which a heavy ball is rolled along a wooden alley toward wooden pins that stand at the far end.
bowling alley a place where people go for bowling. [2 definitions]
bowl over to overwhelm with surprise; astonish.