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braces metal wires and bands attached to the teeth to straighten them and bring them into proper position. [2 definitions]
bracket a support shaped liked an L that is attached to a wall or other upright surface. [5 definitions]
brad a thin nail with a small head.
brag to speak with too much pride about oneself, or about anyone or anything closely connected with oneself; boast.
Brahmaputra River a major river of Asia that starts in Tibet and flows through northern India and Bangladesh into the Bay of Bengal.
braid to weave together three or more pieces of material or strands of hair to form one length that looks like a rope. [3 definitions]
Braille (often lowercase) a writing and printing system for blind people, in which patterns of raised dots are used to represent letters. Blind people touch the dots with their fingers to read.
brain the organ inside the skull of humans and animals. The brain is the main part of the central nervous system. It controls the body's movements and activities and is the center of thought, memory, and feelings. [3 definitions]
brainstorm a bright idea or sudden inspiration. [2 definitions]
brake1 a device used to slow or stop the motion of a vehicle or machine. [2 definitions]
bramble a kind of berry bush with thorns on its stems. Raspberry and blackberry plants are brambles.
bran the outer layer of wheat and other cereal grains. Bran is left after the grain is ground and the flour or meal is sifted out.
branch a woody part of a tree or bush that grows out from the trunk; limb. [4 definitions]
branch out to try new activities, interests, or pursuits.
brand a kind of product made by one particular company. [4 definitions]
brand-new having never been used before; completely new. [2 definitions]
brandy a strong alcoholic drink that is made with fermented fruit juice or wine.
brass a yellow metal made from melting copper and zinc together. [2 definitions]
brat a child who is spoiled or does not behave.
brave ready to face pain or danger; courageous. [3 definitions]
bravery the condition of being brave or of not feeling fear; courage.