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bred past tense and past participle of "breed."
breeches (used with a plural verb) pants that reach to or just below the knee.
breed to keep for mating and reproduction. [4 definitions]
breeding the act or process of producing offspring. [2 definitions]
breeze a light or gentle wind. [3 definitions]
breve a mark ( ˇ ). A breve is placed over a vowel to indicate that the vowel is short.
brew to make by soaking in boiling water. [4 definitions]
briar a pipe made from the root of a brier.
bribe something promised or given to a person as a way of getting that person to do a certain thing. [2 definitions]
brick a hard block of dried or baked clay used as a building material. [2 definitions]
bride1 a woman who is about to be married or was just married.
bridegroom a man who is about to be married or was just married.
bridge1 a structure built over a river, railroad, or other obstacle, that allows people to travel across. [4 definitions]
bridle the part of a horse harness that fits the head and is used to guide or control. [3 definitions]
brief short in length of time. [5 definitions]
briefcase a small case in the shape of a flat box, used for carrying documents or books.
briefly in a way that is not lengthy; for a short time.
brier1 a kind of thorny plant or bush. [2 definitions]
brier2 a shrub of southern Europe. The brier's woody root is used in making tobacco pipes.
brig a sailing ship with two masts and square sails. [2 definitions]
brigade a part of the army, made up of more than one battalion. [2 definitions]