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brisk active or full of energy; lively; quick. [2 definitions]
bristle a short, stiff hair on an animal. [4 definitions]
Brit (informal) a person from Great Britain.
Britain the main island of the United Kingdom, located off the northwest coast of France and occupied by England, Scotland, and Wales; Great Britain.
British of or having to do with Great Britain or its people or language. [3 definitions]
British Columbia a province in Canada on the Pacific coast. Its capital is Victoria.
brittle easily broken. [2 definitions]
broad wide; large; full of space. [3 definitions]
broadcast to send over television or radio. [4 definitions]
broaden to make or become broad or broader.
brocade a cloth woven with a raised pattern.
broccoli a plant whose green flower buds and stalk are used for food. Broccoli is related to the cabbage plant.
broil1 to cook by direct heat. [2 definitions]
broiler a pan, grill, or part of a stove used to broil food.
broke past tense of "break." [2 definitions]
broken cracked or smashed into separate pieces, or no longer working. [5 definitions]
bromine a poisonous, dark reddish brown liquid that is one of the chemical elements. It evaporates quickly and combines easily with other elements. (symbol: Br)
bronchial tube one of the tubes that lead into the lungs from the windpipe.
bronchitis a swelling and soreness of the bronchial tubes. Bronchitis causes a bad cough.
bronco a wild or partly tamed horse or pony of the western United States.
brontosaur a huge dinosaur that only ate plants. Brontosaurs had heavy bodies and very long necks and tails. They lived over 100 million years ago. Brontosaurs are now called apatosaurs by scientists who study dinosaurs.