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brow the ridge of bone above the eye, or the hair growing on it; eyebrow. [2 definitions]
brown the color that comes from mixing red, yellow, and black paint. [3 definitions]
brown bear a bear that is mainly brown in color, found in western North America and northern Europe and Asia. Brown bears vary in size from the small Syrian variety to the giant Kodiak bear and include the North American grizzlies. They are found in more parts of the world than any other kind of bear.
brownie a small fairy or elf who is believed to do good things around the house in secret at night. [3 definitions]
brownout a cut or reduction of electrical power in a neighborhood or city.
browse to examine things in a slow and casual way. [2 definitions]
bruise to wound or damage without causing a break in the skin or bone. [3 definitions]
Brunei a country on the north coast of the island of Borneo in Southeast Asia. Brunei shares this island with its neighbor, Malaysia, and with Indonesia. The capital of Brunei is Bandar Seri Begawan.
brunette having a dark brown color. [2 definitions]
brush1 a tool made of stiff hairs or bristles that have been fastened to a handle. A brush is used for grooming, painting, or scrubbing. [6 definitions]
brush2 a thick group of small trees, shrubs, or bushes growing together. [2 definitions]
brush up on to bring up to date or review.
Brussels the capital city of Belgium.
Brussels sprout a small green bud that grows on the stem of a plant that is a type of cabbage. Brussels sprouts look like very small cabbages and are eaten as vegetables.
brutal cruel or savage.
brute any animal that is not human. [2 definitions]
B.S.1 a college degree earned in a science, such as biology or chemistry, after four years of study. "B.S." is an abbreviation of "Bachelor of Science."
bu. abbreviation of "bushel" or "bushels."
bubble a small, round volume of gas surrounded by a liquid or a solid. [4 definitions]
buck1 an adult male deer, goat, or rabbit. Adult males of some similar animals are also called bucks.
buck2 of an animal, to leap off the ground and come down with stiff front legs. [3 definitions]