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bust up to break up.
busy doing something or working on something; active. [4 definitions]
busybody someone who always pries into other people's lives and affairs.
but in contrast; on the other hand. [5 definitions]
butcher someone in the business of selling meat. [3 definitions]
butler a man who works in a household as head servant.
butt1 the larger or stronger end of something. [2 definitions]
butt2 a person, group, or thing that is made fun of.
butt3 to hit or push with the head or horns.
butte a steep hill or mountain with a flat top that stands alone on flat land.
butter a solid white or yellow fat made by churning cream and used for cooking and spreading on bread. [3 definitions]
buttercup a plant with shiny yellow flowers shaped like cups.
butterfat the fat of milk, from which butter is made.
butterfly an insect with four large wings that flies mostly in the daytime. Butterflies are closely related to moths but have thinner bodies and are usually more brightly colored.
buttermilk a sour liquid left after making butter from milk. Buttermilk is used as a drink or in cooking.
butternut a tree of North America with leaves that drop every year. The butternut is related to the walnut. [2 definitions]
butterscotch a candy made from butter and brown sugar.
butter up (informal) to be nice to or praise in the hope of gaining something from the person.
buttock (usually plural) the rounded, fleshy part of the human body behind the hips; rear end.
button a small round flat disk that fastens clothing by fitting through a slit or loop. [5 definitions]
buttonhole a small slit in a piece of clothing through which a button can be fastened. [2 definitions]