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call for to stop by for; fetch. [2 definitions]
call it a day to finish working.
call number a series of numbers or numbers and letters used to locate a book in a library.
call off to decide not to do or have; cancel.
callous not having kindness; not sensitive; having a hard heart. [2 definitions]
callus a thickened, toughened area of skin or other tissue, such as bone or bark.
calm not moving; still. [6 definitions]
calorie a unit for measuring the amount of energy that a food can produce when taken into the body. The more calories something has, the more energy it can provide for the body.(abbreviated: Cal.)
calves plural of "calf."
Cambodia a country in southeastern Asia. Phnom Penh is the capital of Cambodia.
camcorder a portable video recording device that includes a camera and a videocassette recorder in one unit.
came1 past tense of "come."
camel a large animal with long legs and a long neck. Camels are domesticated mammals; people use camels for riding and for carrying loads across deserts. Camels from the deserts of Central Asia have two humps. Camels from northern Africa and the Middle East have one hump.
cameo a stone carved so as to leave a slightly raised image of one color and a background of another, often worn as jewelry. [2 definitions]
camera a device for taking photographs. A camera is a closed box with a small hole that allows light to reach the film inside. The light makes images on the film.
Cameroon a country in West Africa. Yaounde is the capital of Cameroon.
camouflage a way of hiding something by covering or coloring it so that it looks like its surroundings. The military uses camouflage to hide people, buildings, or vehicles from the enemy. [2 definitions]
camp1 an outdoor area where tents or rough shelters are set up to live in or sleep in for a time. [5 definitions]
campaign a series of planned actions carried out in order to reach a particular goal. [2 definitions]
camp bed the British word for a small portable bed that folds up. "Camp bed" has the same meaning as "cot."
camper a person who stays at a camp or goes camping. [2 definitions]