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centennial having to do with a one hundredth anniversary. [2 definitions]
center the point that is the same distance from all points on the outside line or surface of something; exact middle. [7 definitions]
center field in baseball, the center area of the outfield, which extends behind second base.
center fielder in baseball, the player whose position is in center field when the other team is batting and whose primary function is to defend that territory.
centi- a prefix that means "one hundredth." [2 definitions]
centigrade see Celsius.
centimeter a unit of length equal to one hundredth of a meter or 0.3937 inch. (abbreviated: cm)
centipede a small animal with a narrow body like a worm. A centipede's body is divided into many segments, each having a pair of legs. The front legs have poison claws. Centipedes are a kind of arthropod and are active at night.
central in the center or being the center. [2 definitions]
Central African Republic a country in central Africa. Bangui is the capital of the Central African Republic.
Central America the piece of land that connects North America with South America. Central America has seven countries.
centre a spelling of center used in Canada and Britain. See center for more information.
century a unit of time equal to one hundred years. [2 definitions]
ceramic of or having to do with objects made of baked clay.
cereal any plant whose grains are used for food, such as wheat, oats, rice, or rye. [2 definitions]
ceremony a formal act or series of acts done in a particular way to honor a special occasion. [2 definitions]
Ceres the goddess of farming in Roman mythology. In Greek mythology, Ceres is called Demeter.
certain sure; positive; having no doubt. [4 definitions]
certainly without doubt or question. [2 definitions]
certainty the state of being sure or confident. [2 definitions]
certificate a statement on paper that shows or proves that certain facts are true.