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ceremony a formal act or series of acts done in a particular way to honor a special occasion. [2 definitions]
Ceres the goddess of farming in Roman mythology. In Greek mythology, Ceres is called Demeter.
certain sure; positive; having no doubt. [4 definitions]
certainly without doubt or question. [2 definitions]
certainty the state of being sure or confident. [2 definitions]
certificate a statement on paper that shows or proves that certain facts are true.
cetacean a kind of mammal that lives in the water and has front limbs that look like paddles and back limbs that do not show. Whales, porpoises, and dolphins are all cetaceans.
Chad a country in central Africa. N'djamena is the capital of Chad.
chain a row of links, usually made of metal, that are joined together and used to pull, hold, or fasten something. [5 definitions]
chair a piece of furniture for one person to sit on. A chair has four legs, a back, and sometimes arms. [2 definitions]
chairlift a line of chairs hanging from a moving cable, used to carry people up or down a mountain. A chairlift is used at a ski slope.
chairman a man who is in charge of a meeting or committee.
chairperson a person who is in charge of a meeting or committee.
chalk a soft, white limestone that comes mostly from tiny sea shells. [3 definitions]
chalkboard a smooth, dark board to be written on with chalk; blackboard.
chalk up to score; earn. [2 definitions]
challenge an invitation to enter into a fight or other contest of skill. [6 definitions]
chamber a room. [5 definitions]
chameleon a lizard that is able to change its skin color to match its environment.
champagne a white wine with bubbles originally made in the Champagne region of France.
champion a person or animal that has taken first place in a contest or game; winner. [3 definitions]