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checkup an examination of a person or thing to discover if there are any problems. Having a doctor look closely at one's body to make sure one is healthy is one kind of checkup. Having a mechanic look at a car to make sure it is running properly is another kind of checkup.
cheek either side of the face between the nose and the ear. [2 definitions]
cheep to make a peeping sound; chirp. [2 definitions]
cheer glad feelings; happiness. [6 definitions]
cheerful full of cheer; happy. [2 definitions]
cheese a food made by pressing together a mass of soft, thick soured milk solids.
cheetah a large, wild cat of Africa and southern Asia that has solid black spots on its fur. Cheetahs have long legs and are the fastest animal on land. Sometimes they are trained for hunting game.
chef a cook in charge of a hotel or restaurant kitchen.
chemical of or having to do with the science of chemistry. [3 definitions]
chemist one who is active or expert in the field of chemistry.
chemistry the science that studies the form and function of basic elements and their compounds. [2 definitions]
chemistry lab in a school, a place where students studying chemistry can observe chemical reactions and carry out small experiments.
chemotherapy the science or practice of treating disease by using chemicals.
cherish to value with great love and care.
Cherokee a member of a Native American people that used to live in the southeastern United States. The Cherokee now live mostly in Oklahoma and also in North Carolina.
cherry a small, round fruit that grows on a tree. It is red, yellow, or purple in color and has a hard pit in the center. [4 definitions]
chess1 a board game played by two people in which each player has sixteen pieces, and the object is to trap the opponent's king.
chest the upper front part of the body between the neck and waist. [3 definitions]
chestnut a nut that grows inside a prickly shell. It has a sweet taste. [4 definitions]
chew to tear or grind between the teeth.
chewing gum a sweet and flavored gum for chewing.