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chimney a hollow, upright structure above a fireplace or furnace that carries smoke upward and to the outside.
chimp a short form of "chimpanzee," a highly intelligent African species of ape.
chimpanzee a mammal that lives in African rain forests. Chimpanzees are in the group of primate mammals called apes. They are related to, but smaller than, gorillas. Chimpanzees are very intelligent and sometimes use tools to get food.
chin the part of the face below the mouth and above the neck; the center of the lower jaw. [2 definitions]
China a country in eastern Asia. China is also called the People's Republic of China. Beijing is the capital of China.
china delicate ceramic material; porcelain. [2 definitions]
China Sea see "East China Sea," "South China Sea."
chinchilla a small mammal from the mountains of South America. Chinchillas are rodents closely related to guinea pigs. They have very soft fur and live in tunnels called burrows. Sometimes they are kept as pets.
Chinese a person who was born in or is a citizen of China. [4 definitions]
chink1 a narrow crack.
chink2 to make or cause to make a sharp sound like a chime.
chip1 a small piece broken, cut, or chopped off of a hard material. [6 definitions]
chip in to give money or effort. [2 definitions]
chipmunk a small brown animal similar to a squirrel, having a striped back and a flat, bushy tail. Chipmunks eat nuts, seeds, berries, and insects. They make underground burrows for sleeping and for storing food. Chipmunks live in North America and Asia.
chip off the old block someone who is very much like one of his or her parents.
chip on one's shoulder a bitter or unhappy feeling that lasts for a long time; grudge.
chirp to make a short sound with a high pitch. [2 definitions]
chisel a metal tool with a sharp edge, used for cutting stone, wood, or metal. [2 definitions]
chivalry the qualities expected of an ideal knight during the Middle Ages in Europe. These included courage, honor, politeness, and being prepared to help those in need.
chlorine a substance that is one of the chemical elements. It combines with sodium to form table salt. It is also used in making bleach. Chlorine is poisonous in its pure gas form. (symbol: Cl)
chlorophyll the green matter in the leaves and stems of plants that is necessary to produce food for plants from sunlight.