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civics the study of the rights and duties of citizens in relation to how the government works.
civil having to do with citizens or the general population. [3 definitions]
civilian a person who is not serving in the armed forces or the police. [2 definitions]
civilization an advanced state of development of a society as judged by such things as having a system of government and laws, using a written language, and keeping written records. [2 definitions]
civilize to bring education and training to, especially in the arts, science, and government.
civilized having a high level of culture, education, legal sophistication, or knowledge.
civil rights the rights given by a nation's government to all its citizens. [2 definitions]
civil service any branch of government that is not part of the legislature, court system, or the military.
civil war a war within one country between different groups or areas of that country. [2 definitions]
Cl symbol of the chemical element chlorine
clad1 a past tense and past participle of "clothe."
clad2 to join a metal to another metal in order to make it stronger or protect it.
claim to state or demand as one's right. [5 definitions]
clam an animal with a soft body and a hard shell made of two hinged pieces that open and close. Many kinds of clams live in the ocean and in fresh water. People eat some kinds of clams. Clams are mollusks. [2 definitions]
clambake a picnic or party on the beach at which clams and other foods are cooked. The food is usually baked or steamed on heated rocks covered with a layer of seaweed.
clamber to climb with difficulty or in an awkward way, using hands and feet.
clamor a loud noise that goes on for sometime. [3 definitions]
clamp a device used to fasten, support, or press together two or more objects or pieces. [3 definitions]
clamp down to apply strong pressure in order to hold tightly. [2 definitions]
clam up (informal) to stop talking or refuse to speak.
clan a group among the Scottish people that is made up of families with a common ancestor. [2 definitions]