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classify to group or order in classes. [2 definitions]
classmate a person in the same class as another at a college or school.
classroom a room in a school or college where classes are held.
clatter to make a loud rattling noise. [2 definitions]
clause a group of words that has a subject and a verb. Clauses can be part or all of a sentence. [2 definitions]
claw a thin, sharp, curved nail on the foot of an animal. [4 definitions]
clay moist, stiff earth that is used for making brick, pottery, and tile.
clean not dirty or stained. [6 definitions]
cleaner a person or thing that cleans. [2 definitions]
cleaning clothing that is taken to a dry-cleaning store instead of being washed at home.
cleanliness the condition of being clean, or not dirty; the habit of always keeping clean.
cleanse to make clean; remove dirt from.
cleanser a liquid or powder used for cleaning.
clean slate an honorable record. [2 definitions]
clean up one's act (informal) to improve one's performance or behavior.
clear free of darkness, clouds, or haze. [14 definitions]
clearance the space between things that keeps them from striking against each other. [2 definitions]
clearing an open piece of land that has no trees or bushes.
clearly in a clear manner. [2 definitions]
cleaver a heavy tool with a wide blade used especially by butchers for cutting meat.
clef one of the signs placed on a musical staff. They show the pitch at which the note should be played.