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climate the usual weather conditions in a place.
climate change any very significant change in Earth's climate. [2 definitions]
climax the most exciting or interesting point in a series of events. [2 definitions]
climb to move upward; go towards the top; rise. [5 definitions]
climber a person or animal that climbs.
clinch to make certain or final; settle.
cling to stick closely. [2 definitions]
clinic a place that gives medical treatment, usually to people who do not need to stay in a hospital overnight.
clink to make or cause to make a short, sharp, ringing sound. [2 definitions]
clip1 to cut off, cut out, or trim with scissors or shears. [5 definitions]
clip2 a device that holds or fastens. [3 definitions]
clipper (often plural) a tool for clipping or cutting. [2 definitions]
clipping a piece cut off or from.
cloak a long, loose, outer garment without sleeves. [3 definitions]
clobber (informal) to strike hard; beat up.
clock1 a device, other than a watch, for measuring and showing the time. [2 definitions]
clockwise in or turning in the direction in which a clock's hands turn.
clod a lump of earth or clay. [2 definitions]
clog to block passage along or through. [3 definitions]
cloister a place such as a monastery or convent where people live quiet, spiritual lives. [2 definitions]
clop a sharp, hollow sound. [2 definitions]