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cm abbreviation of "centimeter" or "centimeters."
Co symbol of the chemical element cobalt.
CO1 abbreviation of "Colorado."
Co.1 abbreviation of "company." [2 definitions]
c/o used to show that something is being sent to one person at another person's address. "C/o" is an abbreviation of "care of."
co- a prefix that means "together" or "with."
coach a closed carriage that is pulled by horses. A coach has four wheels, and an outside seat for the driver. [6 definitions]
coal a hard black or dark brown substance that is found in the earth and burned as fuel. [2 definitions]
coarse having large grains or pieces, or a rough surface. [2 definitions]
coast the land next to the ocean; seashore. [4 definitions]
coastal of, at, or near a coast.
coast guard (capitalized) a U.S. military service that patrols and protects the nation's coasts.
coastline the outline or shape of a coast.
coat a piece of outer clothing with long sleeves, usually worn to keep warm. [5 definitions]
coati a small furry mammal with a long snout and a long ringed tail. Coatis are related to raccoons and live mainly in trees. They eat fruit and small animals such as lizards. They are found in Mexico, Central America, and South America.
coating a layer that covers the surface of something; coat.
coat of arms the symbol of a family, country, or organization. It shows designs and figures on and around a shield.
coax to get someone to do something by gentle urging.
cob the hard center of an ear of corn; corncob.
cobalt a brittle silver-white metal that is one of the chemical elements. Cobalt is sometimes added to other metals in alloys to make them harder. It is also used in making some kinds of paint. (symbol: Co)
cobbler a person who makes or fixes shoes or boots. [2 definitions]