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coal a hard black or dark brown substance that is found in the earth and burned as fuel. [2 definitions]
coarse having large grains or pieces, or a rough surface. [2 definitions]
coast the land next to the ocean; seashore. [4 definitions]
coastal of, at, or near a coast.
coast guard (capitalized) a U.S. military service that patrols and protects the nation's coasts.
coastline the outline or shape of a coast.
coat a piece of outer clothing with long sleeves, usually worn to keep warm. [5 definitions]
coating a layer that covers the surface of something; coat.
coat of arms the symbol of a family, country, or organization. It shows designs and figures on and around a shield.
coax to get someone to do something by gentle urging.
cob the hard center of an ear of corn; corncob.
cobalt a brittle silver-white metal that is one of the chemical elements. Cobalt is sometimes added to other metals in alloys to make them harder. It is also used in making some kinds of paint. (symbol: Co)
cobbler a person who makes or fixes shoes or boots. [2 definitions]
cobblestone a naturally rounded stone about the size of a fist, at one time used to pave streets.
cobra a poisonous snake found in Asia and Africa. When excited, cobras are known to rear up and spread the skin of their necks into a shape like a hood.
cobweb a web spun by a spider, or a single piece of this web. [2 definitions]
cock1 an adult male chicken or the male of other closely related birds, such as turkeys or pheasants; rooster. [3 definitions]
cock2 to tip to one side or turn up; tilt.
cockatoo a crested parrot that is mostly white. There are several kinds of cockatoos. They are found in Australia and in some South Pacific islands.
cocker spaniel a breed of dog. Cocker spaniels are small dogs with short legs, a long, soft coat, and long ears.
cockle a small animal with a soft body and a hard shell shaped like a heart. Cockles are mollusks with two hinged shells that open and close. They are kinds of clams. People sometimes eat cockles.