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come to move or travel toward the speaker; approach. [4 definitions]
come across to discover or find by chance. [2 definitions]
come clean (informal) to admit the truth.
comedian a person who entertains by telling jokes and acting in a way that makes people laugh.
comedy a play, film, story, or television show that is funny or happy.
come out to be revealed or made known. [5 definitions]
come out in the wash to turn out in a satisfactory way.
comet an object in space that travels around the sun. A comet is made up of dust and gas, and sometimes forms a long, bright tail.
come to blows to start to fight.
comfort to give relief from a painful or difficult situation; soothe. [3 definitions]
comfortable feeling at ease. [2 definitions]
comic amusing or funny. [3 definitions]
comical funny; amusing.
comic book a book or magazine that contains a series of cartoons that tell a story. Some comic books tell funny stories, but many comic books are about adventure, love, or other things.
comic strip a series of cartoons in a newspaper that tells a funny story.
comma a punctuation mark (,). It is used to separate words, phrases, or other parts of a sentence or list, or to show a pause in speech. It is also used when writing numbers of one thousand or greater to mark off groups of three digits.
command to order or instruct. [7 definitions]
commander a person who leads and controls. [3 definitions]
commandment an order or law. [2 definitions]
commemorate to honor the memory of.
commence to begin or start.