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come out to be revealed or made known. [5 definitions]
come out in the wash to turn out in a satisfactory way.
comet an object in space that travels around the sun. A comet is made up of dust and gas, and sometimes forms a long, bright tail.
come to blows to start to fight.
comfort to give relief from a painful or difficult situation; soothe. [3 definitions]
comfortable feeling at ease. [2 definitions]
comic amusing or funny. [3 definitions]
comical funny; amusing.
comic book a book or magazine that contains a series of cartoons that tell a story. Some comic books tell funny stories, but many comic books are about adventure, love, or other things.
comic strip a series of cartoons in a newspaper that tells a funny story.
comma a punctuation mark (,). It is used to separate words, phrases, or other parts of a sentence or list, or to show a pause in speech. It is also used when writing numbers of one thousand or greater to mark off groups of three digits.
command to order or instruct. [7 definitions]
commander a person who leads and controls. [3 definitions]
commandment an order or law. [2 definitions]
commemorate to honor the memory of.
commence to begin or start.
commencement the day or ceremony of graduation from a school or college. [2 definitions]
commend to speak of with praise for some act or service.
comment a written or spoken statement of opinion. [2 definitions]
commentator a person who comments on something. Commentators often appear on radio or television shows to give opinions or explanations of news and events.
commerce the buying and selling of goods or services; trade; business.