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commence to begin or start.
commencement the day or ceremony of graduation from a school or college. [2 definitions]
commend to speak of with praise for some act or service.
comment a written or spoken statement of opinion. [2 definitions]
commentator a person who comments on something. Commentators often appear on radio or television shows to give opinions or explanations of news and events.
commerce the buying and selling of goods or services; trade; business.
commercial having to do with trade or business. [3 definitions]
commission the act of performing or carrying out (something); the act of committing. [7 definitions]
commissioner the head of a government department. [2 definitions]
commit to do; perform. [3 definitions]
committee a group of persons chosen to give attention to a particular matter.
commodity something that can be bought and sold.
common shared with another or others. [4 definitions]
common cold a common sickness that causes sneezing, sore throat, coughing, and a stuffy nose; cold.
common denominator a number into which the denominators of two or more fractions can all be evenly divided.
commoner a person who is not a member of the nobility.
commonly ordinarily; usually.
common noun a noun that indicates a class of things or a general member of a class of things, people, or places. Common nouns usually have articles. (Compare with "proper noun.")
commonplace ordinary; not special. [2 definitions]
common sense ordinary good judgment in everyday matters. Common sense is learned through experience and not through education.
commonwealth a state or nation governed by the people. [2 definitions]