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common cold a common sickness that causes sneezing, sore throat, coughing, and a stuffy nose; cold.
common denominator a number into which the denominators of two or more fractions can all be evenly divided.
commoner a person who is not a member of the nobility.
commonly ordinarily; usually.
common noun a noun that indicates a class of things or a general member of a class of things, people, or places. Common nouns usually have articles. (Compare with "proper noun.")
commonplace ordinary; not special. [2 definitions]
common sense ordinary good judgment in everyday matters. Common sense is learned through experience and not through education.
commonwealth a state or nation governed by the people. [2 definitions]
commotion a noisy confusion; disorder.
communicable capable of being spread or passed on; contagious.
communicate to make known. [4 definitions]
communication the sharing or exchange of messages, information, or ideas. [3 definitions]
communion a sharing of feelings or thoughts. [2 definitions]
communism (sometimes capitalized) a system of government in which all factories, farms, and natural resources are owned in common.
communist one who believes in or supports communism. [2 definitions]
Communist party a political party that supports communism.
community a particular area where a group of people live. [3 definitions]
commute to ride or drive a long distance to and from work or school. [2 definitions]
Comoros a country made up of three islands that lie in the Indian Ocean off the east coast of the African continent. The capital of Comoros is Moroni.
compact1 firmly packed together; dense. [6 definitions]
compact2 an agreement or contract between people or groups.