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Comoros a country made up of three islands that lie in the Indian Ocean off the east coast of the African continent. The capital of Comoros is Moroni.
compact1 firmly packed together; dense. [6 definitions]
compact2 an agreement or contract between people or groups.
compact disk a small disk on which music or information is stored. A compact disk is played on a machine that uses a laser to read it.
companion one who spends time with another or others. [2 definitions]
companionship the relationship between or among companions; friendship.
company a business firm or organization. [5 definitions]
comparative of or involving comparison. [4 definitions]
compare to note or describe the similarities or differences of. [4 definitions]
comparison the act of comparing or the result of being compared. [2 definitions]
compartment a part or area of something that is divided off as a section of the whole.
compass an instrument for showing direction. A typical compass has a moving magnetic needle that points north. [2 definitions]
compassion a feeling of sharing another's suffering that leads to a desire to help.
compel to force or drive to do something.
compensate to pay or repay. [2 definitions]
compensation something given in return for or to make up for something else.
compete to try to win or get something that others are also trying to get. [2 definitions]
competent having the skill to do something; capable.
competition the process or act of trying to win. [2 definitions]
competitive having to do with or decided by competition. [2 definitions]
competitor a person, group, or thing that competes.