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composure calmness in thinking or acting; self-control.
compound1 made up of two or more parts or elements. [6 definitions]
compound sentence a sentence made of two or more independent clauses. The sentences are joined by a conjunction or semicolon. "The sky darkened, and the wind howled" is a compound sentence.
comprehend to understand or grasp the meaning of.
comprehension the act, process, or result of comprehending; understanding.
comprehensive including everything or almost everything; wide in range.
compress to press into less space; squeeze closely together. [3 definitions]
comprise to be made up of; consist of.
compromise a settlement of a disagreement in which each side gives up something, or the result of such a settlement. [3 definitions]
compulsory required or necessary.
compute to figure out or calculate by using arithmetic. [2 definitions]
computer an electronic device that is used to store and sort information and work with data at a high speed.
computer graphics images produced by a computer than can be displayed on the screen or printed.
computer lab a room where there are many computers. Computer labs are often found in schools and libraries and can usually be used for free.
computer language a system of words and symbols that is used to program a computer; code. There are hundreds of computer languages, such as C, Cheetah, and JavaScript.
computer science the science and study of computers, including how they are made and how they work.
computer virus a code added to a computer program that can attach itself to and seriously damage other programs.
comrade a close friend who shares one's main interests.
con- a prefix that means "with" or "together."
concave curved inward like the inside of a bowl. (Compare with "convex.")
conceal to hide or keep hidden from sight.