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confident having trust or faith; satisfied and sure. [2 definitions]
confidential secret.
confine to keep within limits; restrict. [3 definitions]
confirm to prove or show to be true. [2 definitions]
confirmation the act or process of confirming or proving. [3 definitions]
confiscate to take by the power of authority.
conflict to disagree strongly; differ. [3 definitions]
conform to act in a way that agrees with a rule or standard.
confront to meet, face, or stand up to boldly.
confuse to fail to see the difference between or among. [2 definitions]
confusing hard to figure out or to get the correct meaning from; puzzling.
confusion the act of confusing or state of being confused.
conga a dance from Cuba performed by people following a leader around the dance area in single file. [2 definitions]
congeal to make thick or hard, especially by cooling or freezing.
Congo Republic of the Congo, formerly known as the French Congo; a country in Central Africa, south of Gabon and north of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Brazzaville is the capital of the Republic of the Congo. [2 definitions]
Congolese of or pertaining to Congo or its people, culture, language, or the like.
Congo River a river of central Africa flowing into the Atlantic Ocean; Zaire River.
congratulate to praise and express pleasure at the achievement or good luck of.
congratulation the act of congratulating. [2 definitions]
congregate to bring or come together to form a group; gather.
congregation a crowd of people; assembly. [2 definitions]