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contrary completely different; opposite. [3 definitions]
contrast to compare in order to make differences clear. [4 definitions]
contribute to give for a purpose. [2 definitions]
contribution the act of contributing. [2 definitions]
contrive to plan in a clever way; invent.
control to use power to manage or command. [6 definitions]
control tower a tower at an airport. Air traffic is directed by radios in the control tower.
controversial causing arguments.
controversy a disagreement; debate.
convection the movement or transfer of heat through a liquid or gas because of the natural rising of the heated parts and sinking of the cooled parts.
convene to gather or come together for a meeting.
convenience the quality of being useful or handy for someone's purpose or need. [2 definitions]
convenience store a store, often near a busy road or highway, that is like a small grocery store and is open long hours.
convenient easily used for someone's needs, purposes, or comfort; useful. [2 definitions]
convent a group of nuns living together and devoted to a religious life. [2 definitions]
convention a formal meeting or gathering where people discuss shared interests. [2 definitions]
conventional put in place by custom or use; traditional.
conversation talk between people. [2 definitions]
converse1 to have a talk.
conversion the act or process of changing. [2 definitions]
convert to change into another form or state. [4 definitions]