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convection the movement or transfer of heat through a liquid or gas because of the natural rising of the heated parts and sinking of the cooled parts.
convene to gather or come together for a meeting.
convenience the quality of being useful or handy for someone's purpose or need. [2 definitions]
convenience store a store, often near a busy road or highway, that is like a small grocery store and is open long hours.
convenient easily used for someone's needs, purposes, or comfort; useful. [2 definitions]
convent a group of nuns living together and devoted to a religious life. [2 definitions]
convention a formal meeting or gathering where people discuss shared interests. [2 definitions]
conventional put in place by custom or use; traditional.
conversation talk between people. [2 definitions]
converse1 to have a talk.
conversion the act or process of changing. [2 definitions]
convert to change into another form or state. [4 definitions]
convertible able to be changed. [2 definitions]
convex having a surface or edge that curves outward like the outside of a ball.
convey to carry from one place or person to another. [2 definitions]
conveyor belt a mechanical moving strap that carries things from one place to another.
convict to find guilty of a crime. [2 definitions]
conviction the act or process of finding a person guilty of a crime. [3 definitions]
convince to cause to believe or accept (often followed by "of").
convinced confident in one's belief about something.
convincing able to make one believe that something is true or that something makes good sense.