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converse1 to have a talk.
conversion the act or process of changing. [2 definitions]
convert to change into another form or state. [4 definitions]
convertible able to be changed. [2 definitions]
convex having a surface or edge that curves outward like the outside of a ball.
convey to carry from one place or person to another. [2 definitions]
conveyor belt a mechanical moving strap that carries things from one place to another.
convict to find guilty of a crime. [2 definitions]
conviction the act or process of finding a person guilty of a crime. [3 definitions]
convince to cause to believe or accept (often followed by "of").
convinced confident in one's belief about something.
convulse to cause to shake without control.
convulsion a violent, involuntary contraction of the muscles. [2 definitions]
cook to prepare for eating by using heat. [4 definitions]
cookbook a book of recipes, directions for cooking, and other information about food.
cookie a small, sweet, flat or ball-shaped cake baked from stiff dough.
cooking the act or process of preparing food or meals. [2 definitions]
cookout a social gathering at which a meal is cooked and eaten outdoors.
cook up (informal) to make up or invent a story; devise.
cool somewhat cold; not warm. [9 definitions]
cool off (informal) to become calmer or less upset.