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counterpart someone or something that is just like or similar to another. [2 definitions]
countess a woman married to a count or earl. [2 definitions]
countless very great in number; not able to be counted.
count on to depend or rely on. [2 definitions]
country a large area of land where people live under the same government or have the same culture; nation. [5 definitions]
countryman a person who lives in or was born in the same country as oneself. [2 definitions]
country music a type of popular music, based on the traditional music of the rural South and the cowboy music of the West. Country music often express sad personal emotions.
countryside a rural area or areas (usually preceded by "the").
countrywoman a woman from the same country as oneself. [2 definitions]
county one of several sections into which a U.S. state is divided. [3 definitions]
couple two things of the same kind or that go together in some way. [4 definitions]
coupon a small, printed slip of paper that gives someone a discount, admission to a performance, or a chance to win a prize.
courage the ability to face fear or danger; bravery.
courageous brave.
courgette the British name for a "zucchini," a cucumber-shaped vegetable with a smooth, dark green rind.
course progress from one point to another; movement. [7 definitions]
court an open space surrounded by buildings or walls; courtyard. [8 definitions]
courteous being polite or showing good manners.
courtesy good manners or politeness. [2 definitions]
courthouse a building where courts of law and other government offices are located.
courtroom a room in which legal cases are heard before a judge.