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cover to put or spread something over or on. [7 definitions]
coveralls a one-piece protective garment with trousers and sleeves, worn by workmen over clothing.
covered wagon a large wagon with a high, curved, canvas cover. American pioneers rode west in covered wagons.
covering something that covers or hides.
covet to wish to have very much; envy.
Covid-19 a serious, sometimes fatal, disease caused by a certain type of virus called a "coronavirus." This particular coronavirus broke out for the first time in 2019, and the disease spread all over the world in 2020. "Co" in Covid stands for "corona," "vi" stands for "virus," and "d" stands for "disease." The number 19 refers to the year 2019. The name "Covid-19" is oftened shortened to "Covid."
cow1 the adult female of cattle. [2 definitions]
coward a person who does not have the courage to face danger, pain, or something difficult.
cowardice a lack of bravery to work through danger, pain, or other difficult things.
cowardly of or like a coward. [3 definitions]
cowboy a man who herds and takes care of cattle. Cowboys work on ranches and often ride horses.
cowgirl a woman who herds and takes care of cattle. Cowgirls work on ranches and often ride horses.
cowhand a person who works on a cattle ranch; cowboy or cowgirl.
cowhide the skin and hair of a cow, or leather made from the skin of a cow.
coworker one of two or more people who work together; fellow worker.
coyote a North American mammal that is closely related to dogs, foxes, and wolves. Coyotes have a pointed nose and ears and a bushy tail. They hunt small animals, and they also sometimes eat plants.
cozy warm and snug in a comfortable way.
CPR a method of reviving heart attack victims by breathing into the mouth and applying strong, rhythmic pressure to the chest. "CPR" is an abbreviation of "cardiopulmonary resuscitation."
Cr symbol of the chemical element chromium.
crab1 an animal with a wide, flat body covered by a hard shell. Crabs have ten legs, including a pair of claws, eyes on short stalks, and antennae. Most kinds of crabs live in the ocean and eat many kinds of food. Crabs are crustaceans, which are a kind of arthropod. The biggest crabs are larger than any other arthropod. [2 definitions]
crab apple a small, hard, sour apple used for making jelly. [2 definitions]