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-craft a suffix that means "skill or practice in the use of."
craft skill or talent in making things by hand or in the arts. [4 definitions]
craftsman a person who works at a craft or skilled trade; artisan.
crafty sly or cunning.
cram to fill with more than can be easily held. [3 definitions]
cramp1 (sometimes plural) a sharp pain in a muscle that suddenly becomes tight. [3 definitions]
cramp2 to limit the freedom of by closely confining.
cranberry a shrub that bears a sour, red berry, or the berry itself. Cranberries grow in wet ground in North America.
crane a tall wading bird with long legs and a long neck and bill. A whooping crane is one kind of crane. [3 definitions]
crank a device that moves things in a circle. Cranks have a lever attached at a right angle to the end of an arm that moves in a circle. Cranks are turned by hand or by another arm that connects to the lever. [4 definitions]
crank out to make in great numbers in a mechanical way.
cranky in a bad mood; grouchy.
crash1 to strike violently while riding or moving. [7 definitions]
crate a box for packing and shipping made of wood or other material. [2 definitions]
crater a hollow area shaped like the inside of a bowl. The mouth of a volcano is a crater, and the moon has many craters on its surface.
crave to need or desire very much.
crawfish another form of crayfish.
crawl to move along, usually slowly, with one's body very close to the ground or other surface; creep. [6 definitions]
crayfish a small animal with a hard, jointed shell that lives in fresh water. Crayfish are crustaceans and are closely related to lobsters.
crayon a colored stick or pencil made of wax. A crayon is used for drawing and coloring. [2 definitions]
crazy (informal) having a mental illness; insane. [4 definitions]