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crash1 to strike violently while riding or moving. [7 definitions]
crate a box for packing and shipping made of wood or other material. [2 definitions]
crater a hollow area shaped like the inside of a bowl. The mouth of a volcano is a crater, and the moon has many craters on its surface.
crave to need or desire very much.
crawfish another form of crayfish.
crawl to move along, usually slowly, with one's body very close to the ground or other surface; creep. [6 definitions]
crayfish a small animal with a hard, jointed shell that lives in fresh water. Crayfish are crustaceans and are closely related to lobsters.
crayon a colored stick or pencil made of wax. A crayon is used for drawing and coloring. [2 definitions]
crazy (informal) having a mental illness; insane. [4 definitions]
creak to make or move with a grinding or squeaking noise. [2 definitions]
cream the part of whole milk that contains fat. Butter is made from cream. [6 definitions]
creamer a small container that holds cream for serving. [2 definitions]
cream of the crop the best one.
creamy having the taste, color, or texture of cream. [2 definitions]
crease a fold or dent made by heat or pressure. [2 definitions]
create to bring into being. [2 definitions]
creation the act of creating or of causing something to exist. [3 definitions]
creative able to make or do something new or with imagination.
creativity the ability to make or invent something original or imaginative.
creator a person who creates. [2 definitions]
creature a living person or animal.