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creditor someone to whom money is owed.
creed a set of beliefs held by a person or group.
Creek a member of a group of American Indian peoples formed from groups who lived in Alabama and Georgia, but are now mostly in Oklahoma.
creek a stream that is smaller than a river; brook.
creep to move with the body close to the ground; crawl. [7 definitions]
creepy of or causing a feeling of anxiety, fear, or disgust similar to that which might be produced by something crawling on one's skin.
crepe a thin cloth with a wrinkled surface. [3 definitions]
crepe paper thin paper with wrinkles. Crepe paper is used for decoration.
crept past tense and past participle of "creep."
crescendo an increase in loudness or force in a piece of music.
crescent the shape of the moon when it looks to us like a narrow arc. The moon appears as a crescent in its first and last quarters. [3 definitions]
crest a tuft of feathers, bone, or fur on an animal's head, or something that looks like this. The comb of a rooster is one kind of crest. [4 definitions]
crew a group of people who work together. [2 definitions]
crib a bed with high sides for a baby or young child. [3 definitions]
cricket1 an insect that is related to a grasshopper. It has long antennae and strong hind legs for jumping. The male makes a chirping noise by rubbing his front wings together.
cricket2 an English game played outdoors with a ball and bat by two teams of eleven members each.
cried past tense and past participle of "cry."
crime something a person does that is against the law. [3 definitions]
criminal of or having to do with crime. [3 definitions]
crimson the color that comes from mixing red and a small amount of purple paint.
crinkle to make small ripples or wrinkles in. [4 definitions]