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crew a group of people who work together. [2 definitions]
crib a bed with high sides for a baby or young child. [3 definitions]
cricket1 an insect that is related to a grasshopper. It has long antennae and strong hind legs for jumping. The male makes a chirping noise by rubbing his front wings together.
cricket2 an English game played outdoors with a ball and bat by two teams of eleven members each.
cried past tense and past participle of cry.
crime something a person does that is against the law. [3 definitions]
criminal of or having to do with crime. [3 definitions]
crimson the color that comes from mixing red and a small amount of purple paint.
crinkle to make small ripples or wrinkles in. [4 definitions]
cripple a person or animal that cannot use a part of its body because of a disease or injury. [3 definitions]
crisis the point or moment just before a very important change. [2 definitions]
crisp firm but breaking easily into pieces. [4 definitions]
crisscross with two or more lines crossing each other. [4 definitions]
critic anyone who judges or evaluates. [2 definitions]
critical likely to find fault. [3 definitions]
criticism the act of judging what is good or bad in something. [2 definitions]
criticize to judge what is good or bad in. [2 definitions]
critique a written evaluation of a work of art or literature. [3 definitions]
croak to make a low, hoarse sound with the voice. [2 definitions]
Croatia a country that is bordered by the Adriatic Sea and by the countries of Slovenia, Hungary, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The capital of Croatia is Zagreb.
crochet needlework made with a hooked needle that pulls the thread or yarn in a pattern of connected loops. [2 definitions]