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Croatia a country that is bordered by the Adriatic Sea and by the countries of Slovenia, Hungary, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The capital of Croatia is Zagreb.
crochet needlework made with a hooked needle that pulls the thread or yarn in a pattern of connected loops. [2 definitions]
crocodile a large reptile that is found in tropical swamps. It has a thick, tough skin, a long tail, and a long, pointed snout.
crocodilian a reptile of the group that includes the crocodile. Alligators and caimans are crocodilians.
crocus a small plant that blooms in early spring with one colorful flower.
croissant a roll in the shape of a crescent, usually made with a good deal of butter.
crook something bent, curved, or hooked. [4 definitions]
crooked bent, curved, or twisting. [2 definitions]
crop plants grown on a farm. [7 definitions]
crop up to appear or happen as a surprise.
cross an upright line or pole with a horizontal one across it. [10 definitions]
crossbow a bow on a wooden stock. Crossbows shoot arrows when someone pulls a trigger.
cross-eye a condition in which one or both eyes turn toward each other.
crossing a place where two roads, routes, or railroad tracks cross each other. [2 definitions]
crossing guard a person who directs traffic and helps children to cross the streets around a school.
cross out to remove something by drawing a line through it.
cross reference a reference from one part of a book, index, or file to another part that contains additional or related information.
cross-reference to give a reference to in a book or other written work.
crossroad the place where two roads cross one another; intersection.
cross section a part of something made visible by cutting straight through it. [2 definitions]
crosswalk a lane or path in a road that is marked off for people to cross on foot.