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crosswalk a lane or path in a road that is marked off for people to cross on foot.
crossword puzzle a puzzle in which a person must guess words from clues and enter them in a pattern of squares, one letter per square.
crotch the place where two long, straight parts, such as legs or tree branches, come together.
crouch to lower the body close to the ground by bending the legs. A cat about to pounce crouches, as does a person getting ready to run in a race. [2 definitions]
croup1 a disease in children that causes coughing and difficult breathing.
crow1 a shiny black bird known for its shrill, harsh cry. Crows are often seen looking for food.
crow2 to make the harsh cry of a rooster. [3 definitions]
crowbar a heavy, metal bar or rod with a flattened and bent end. A crowbar is used to lift or pry things.
crowd a large number of people gathered together. [5 definitions]
crowded very full, or too full, of things or people.
crown a covering for the head often made of gold or silver and decorated with jewels. Kings and queens wear crowns. [4 definitions]
crow's-nest a small platform near the top of a ship's mast. A person stands in the crow's-nest to see what is happening on and around the ship.
crucial very important; deciding the success or failure of something.
crude natural; raw. [3 definitions]
cruel willing to cause pain or suffering; showing no mercy. [2 definitions]
cruelty the state or characteristic of being cruel. [2 definitions]
cruise to travel for pleasure in a ship. [3 definitions]
cruiser a fast ship of medium size. Cruisers are used in wars. [3 definitions]
crumb a tiny piece that breaks or falls from baked goods.
crumble to break or crush into bits or crumbs. [2 definitions]
crummy (informal) not good at all; not pleasing or of high quality; junky. [2 definitions]