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cruiser a fast ship of medium size. Cruisers are used in wars. [3 definitions]
crumb a tiny piece that breaks or falls from baked goods.
crumble to break or crush into bits or crumbs. [2 definitions]
crummy (informal) not good at all; not pleasing or of high quality; junky. [2 definitions]
crumple to press or crush and cause wrinkles. [2 definitions]
crunch to chew with a crackling noise; crush by biting. [3 definitions]
crunchy making or capable of making a crunching sound, especially when chewed.
crusade (often capitalized) any of the wars between European Catholics and Middle Eastern Muslims between 1095 and 1291. During these wars, the Catholics tried to take territory away from the Muslims. [3 definitions]
crush to cause to lose shape or become flat by pressing or squeezing very hard. [5 definitions]
crust the slightly hard, baked dough on the outside of bread, pies, and other baked things. [5 definitions]
crustacean an animal with a hard, jointed shell. Crustaceans live in fresh or salt water. There are many kinds of crustaceans, including crabs, crayfish, lobsters, and shrimps. Crustaceans are kinds of arthropods.
crutch a support used to help injured people walk. A crutch is a pole with a padded top that rests under the arm.
cry to make a loud shout or yell (sometimes followed by "out"). [6 definitions]
cry over spilled milk to worry about something that cannot be changed.
crystal a piece of a certain substance that is made when the substance changes from a liquid to a solid. In becoming solid, as when water turns to ice, this type of substance takes on a structure that has a repeating pattern of flat surfaces. These flat surfaces reflect light and can make the substance sparkle when looked at from different directions. [5 definitions]
crystal ball a globe of glass or crystal used by fortune-tellers to tell what will happen in the future. In stories, crystal balls are often used by witches or wizards.
crystallize to change into or cause to become crystals.
cry uncle to give up; yield.
cry wolf to give a false alarm.
CT abbreviation of "Connecticut."
cu. abbreviation of "cubic."