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dance to move the feet and body in a rhythmic way, usually to music. [7 definitions]
dancer someone who is dancing or whose profession is dancing.
dandelion a common plant with bright yellow flowers and leaves with points along the edges. Dandelion leaves can be eaten raw or cooked as vegetables, and wine is sometimes made from the flowers.
dandruff a thin white crust of dead skin that forms on the scalp and is shed in flakes.
dandy (informal) very fine; pleasing; excellent.
Dane a person who was born in or is a citizen of Denmark.
danger a chance or likelihood that something bad or harmful may happen; peril; risk. [2 definitions]
dangerous likely to cause harm; not safe.
dangle to hang or swing loosely. [2 definitions]
Danish of or having to do with Denmark, or its people or language. [3 definitions]
Danish pastry a light, flaky pastry that is made of raised dough, filled with cheese, fruit, or other sweet filling. Danish pastries are often criss-crossed with white icing.
Danube River an important river in Europe that starts in Germany and flows south and east through many countries in central Europe. When it finally reaches the country of Ukraine, it flows into the Black Sea.
dare to be brave enough or careless enough to do something. [3 definitions]
daredevil a person who puts himself or herself in danger by doing daring or dangerous things. [2 definitions]
daresay suppose or think likely.
daring the quality of being bold and willing to take risks; courage. [2 definitions]
dark having little or no light. [5 definitions]
darken to cause to be dark or darker. [2 definitions]
darkness lack of light. [2 definitions]
darling a person who is loved very much by the person speaking. [2 definitions]
darn1 to mend by weaving thread or yarn over a hole in cloth.