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dated having a date. [2 definitions]
daub to smear or cover with something soft and sticky, such as paint. [2 definitions]
daughter a person's female child.
daughter-in-law the wife of one's son.
dawdle to waste time; be slow.
dawn the first daylight that appears in the morning; daybreak. [5 definitions]
day the period between sunrise and sunset. [3 definitions]
daybreak the first daylight in the morning; dawn.
day care care during the day in a home or day-care center for children too young for school or older children after school or during vacation. Day care may also offer care for elderly or disabled people.
daydream a pleasant or exciting story or event that someone who is awake imagines is happening to them. [2 definitions]
daylight the light of the day.
daytime the time between dawn and evening.
daze to stun by a blow or shock. [2 definitions]
dazzle to make almost blind with too much bright light. [2 definitions]
DC1 an abbreviation for District of Columbia. [2 definitions]
DE an abbreviation for Delaware.
de- a prefix that means "from," "away from," or "off." [3 definitions]
deacon a clergyman in certain Christian churches. [2 definitions]
dead no longer alive. [8 definitions]
deaden to make less painful or intense.
dead end a street that is closed at one end, allowing no way through.