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day the period between sunrise and sunset. [3 definitions]
daybreak the first daylight in the morning; dawn.
day care care during the day in a home or day-care center for children too young for school or older children after school or during vacation. Day care may also offer care for elderly or disabled people.
daydream a pleasant or exciting story or event that someone who is awake imagines is happening to them. [2 definitions]
daylight the light of the day.
daytime the time between dawn and evening.
daze to stun by a blow or shock. [2 definitions]
dazzle to make almost blind with too much bright light. [2 definitions]
DC1 an abbreviation for District of Columbia. [2 definitions]
DE an abbreviation for Delaware.
de- a prefix that means "from," "away from," or "off." [3 definitions]
deacon a clergyman in certain Christian churches. [2 definitions]
dead no longer alive. [8 definitions]
deaden to make less painful or intense.
dead end a street that is closed at one end, allowing no way through.
deadline a date or time by which something must be done.
deadly able to cause death. [3 definitions]
Dead Sea a large salt lake between the countries of Israel and Jordan. The Dead Sea lies at about 1300 feet below sea level, which makes it the lowest known place on the surface of the earth.
deaf not able to hear, or not able to hear well. [2 definitions]
deafen to cause to become deaf. [2 definitions]
deal1 to be concerned or to handle (usually followed by "with" or "in"). [7 definitions]