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deadline a date or time by which something must be done.
deadly able to cause death. [3 definitions]
Dead Sea a large salt lake between the countries of Israel and Jordan. The Dead Sea lies at about 1300 feet below sea level, which makes it the lowest known place on the surface of the earth.
deaf not able to hear, or not able to hear well. [2 definitions]
deafen to cause to become deaf. [2 definitions]
deal1 to take specific action about something, especially a problem (usually followed by "with" or "in"). [7 definitions]
dealer a person whose job is to buy and sell. [2 definitions]
dealt past tense and past participle of deal1.
dear much loved. [5 definitions]
death the end of life in any living thing, or the end of the life of a particular individual. [2 definitions]
debate a discussion between two people or groups who disagree on an important subject. [4 definitions]
debit an amount of money taken out of or owed on an account, or the record of that amount. [2 definitions]
debris scattered pieces left after something has been destroyed.
debt something owed to another person. [2 definitions]
debtor a person who owes a debt to another.
debug (informal) to find and remove mistakes or flaws from. [2 definitions]
debut a person's first appearance on stage, in concert, or on film. [2 definitions]
Dec. an abbreviation for December.
decade a unit of time equal to ten years.
decagon a figure with ten sides and ten angles.
decal a design or picture on specially prepared paper. Decals can be transferred from the paper to glass, metal, or other hard surfaces.