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debit an amount of money taken out of or owed on an account, or the record of that amount. [2 definitions]
debris scattered pieces left after something has been destroyed.
debt something owed to another person. [2 definitions]
debtor a person who owes a debt to another.
debug (informal) to find and remove mistakes or flaws from. [2 definitions]
debut a person's first appearance on stage, in concert, or on film. [2 definitions]
Dec. abbreviation of "December."
decade a unit of time equal to ten years.
decagon a figure with ten sides and ten angles.
decal a design or picture on specially prepared paper. Decals can be transferred from the paper to glass, metal, or other hard surfaces.
decanter a pretty glass bottle with a stopper. A decanter is usually used to serve wine or liquor.
decathlon an athletic contest made up of ten different track and field events. Each athlete takes part in all ten events, over a period of two days.
decay to rot or become rotted. [4 definitions]
deceased no longer alive; dead. [2 definitions]
deceit the act of lying or cheating. [2 definitions]
deceive to cause to believe something that is not true; trick or fool.
December the twelfth month of the year. December has thirty-one days. Winter begins in December for people who live north of the equator.
decent proper or suitable. [3 definitions]
deception the act of causing someone to believe something that is not true.
decibel a unit used to measure the loudness of sound. (abbreviated: dB)
decide to settle, choose, or solve. [3 definitions]