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declaration the act of declaring or making something known.
Declaration of Independence the public document by which the thirteen American colonies declared their independence from England in 1776.
declarative sentence a sentence that makes a statement. There are many examples of declarative sentences, such as, "It is raining outside."
declare to announce in a formal way. [3 definitions]
declare war on to state an intention or plan to make war against.
decline to refuse to do, in a polite way. [4 definitions]
decode to change from code into ordinary language.
decompose to decay.
decorate to make more beautiful by adding decorations or designs. [2 definitions]
decoration an act of decorating. [3 definitions]
decoy something used to attract animals or people into danger. Wooden decoys in the shape of birds or animals are often used by hunters to lead animals into a trap. [2 definitions]
decrease to become less or smaller. [4 definitions]
decree an official order or decision by a ruler or government. [2 definitions]
dedicate to set apart for a special use or purpose. [5 definitions]
dedication the ceremony of opening something newly built, such as a building, a park, or a ship. [2 definitions]
deduct to subtract from another amount or sum.
deduction something that is subtracted or deducted. [3 definitions]
deed an act or action. [2 definitions]
deep having great space below or behind a certain point; reaching far down or back; not shallow. [7 definitions]
deepen to make or become deep or deeper.
deeply in a strong and serious way; intensely.