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dedicate to set apart for a special use or purpose. [5 definitions]
dedication the ceremony of opening something newly built, such as a building, a park, or a ship. [2 definitions]
deduct to subtract from another amount or sum.
deduction something that is subtracted or deducted. [3 definitions]
deed an act or action. [2 definitions]
deep having great space below or behind a certain point; reaching far down or back; not shallow. [7 definitions]
deepen to make or become deep or deeper.
deeply in a strong and serious way; intensely.
deer a mammal with short fur, long legs, and a long neck. Deer have hooves on their feet and can run very fast. The males of most kinds of deer grow and shed antlers every year. Deer are herbivores that chew their cud. Caribou, elk, moose, reindeer, and white-tailed deer are all kinds of deer.
deface to damage the surface or appearance of.
defeat to win a victory over; beat in a game or battle. [4 definitions]
defect a weakness, flaw, or bad quality.
defective having a flaw or defect; not perfect.
defence a spelling of "defense" used in Canada and Britain. See "defense" for more information.
defend to protect from harm; guard. [2 definitions]
defendant a person who is accused or sued in a court of law.
defense the act of protecting or guarding. [5 definitions]
defensive used as a defense.
defer1 to not do until later; put off; delay.
defer2 to give in to what someone else wants or thinks.
defiance bold disobedience and lack of respect for authority.