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defensive used as a defense.
defer1 to not do until later; put off; delay.
defer2 to give in to what someone else wants or thinks.
defiance bold disobedience and lack of respect for authority.
defiant showing no respect for authority; refusing to obey.
defiantly in a manner that shows a strong rejection of something or an unwillingness to obey.
deficiency the condition or quality of not having something that is needed or required.
deficient lacking something needed. [2 definitions]
deficit The amount by which something is less than what is needed. A deficit of money is caused by spending more than has been taken in.
define to explain or state the meaning of. [2 definitions]
definite clear or exact. [2 definitions]
definite article the article "the" in English grammar. The definite article is used with a noun when one is referring to something that is already known or has already been talked about.
definitely without a doubt; certainly.
definition the statement of the meaning of a word or phrase.
deflate to cause to shrink or collapse by letting out air or gas. [3 definitions]
deflect to turn aside.
deforestation the act or process of cutting down the trees of a forest.
deform to damage the shape or form of.
defrost to remove frost or ice from. [2 definitions]
deft skillful, quick, and clever in action.
defy to refuse to obey. [3 definitions]