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delegate a person who is chosen to speak or act for others. [3 definitions]
delegation a group of people chosen to speak or act for others.
delete to remove from a written work.
deli (informal) short form of delicatessen.
deliberate said or done on purpose. [3 definitions]
delicate pleasing to the senses in a light, soft, or mild way. [5 definitions]
delicatessen a shop that sells cheese, cooked meats, and other food that is ready to eat.
delicious having a pleasing taste or smell.
delight great pleasure or joy. [4 definitions]
delightful very pleasing; causing joy.
delirious confused from a fever or other cause. [2 definitions]
deliver to send or bring to a particular person or place. [5 definitions]
delivery an act of bringing or sending something to a particular person or place. [2 definitions]
delta the name of the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet. [2 definitions]
deluge a flood caused by a great amount of water. [4 definitions]
delusion the act of causing someone to believe in something false or not real, or the belief in something false or not real. [2 definitions]
demand to ask for forcefully; order. [6 definitions]
demanding giving many, or too many, orders. [2 definitions]
demerit a mark made on a person's record because of some fault or failure.
Demeter the goddess of farming, marriage, and childbirth in Greek mythology. In Roman mythology, Demeter is called Ceres.
democracy a form of government in which power rests with the people, either directly or through elected representatives. [2 definitions]