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delicate pleasing to the senses in a light, soft, or mild way. [5 definitions]
delicatessen a shop that sells cheese, cooked meats, and other food that is ready to eat.
delicious having a pleasing taste or smell.
delight great pleasure or joy. [4 definitions]
delightful very pleasing; causing joy.
delirious confused from a fever or other cause. [2 definitions]
deliver to send or bring to a particular person or place. [5 definitions]
delivery an act of bringing or sending something to a particular person or place. [2 definitions]
delta the name of the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet. [2 definitions]
deluge a flood caused by a great amount of water. [4 definitions]
delusion the act of causing someone to believe in something false or not real, or the belief in something false or not real. [2 definitions]
demand to ask for forcefully; order. [6 definitions]
demanding giving many, or too many, orders. [2 definitions]
demerit a mark made on a person's record because of some fault or failure.
Demeter the goddess of farming, marriage, and childbirth in Greek mythology. In Roman mythology, Demeter is called Ceres.
democracy a form of government in which power rests with the people, either directly or through elected representatives. [2 definitions]
democrat a person who believes that government should be run by the people or that all people are equal. [2 definitions]
democratic relating to or demonstrating the belief that all people should be treated equally. [3 definitions]
Democratic Party one of the two major U.S. political parties.
Democratic Republic of the Congo a country in Central Africa that is north of Angola and south of the Republic of the Congo. The capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo is Kinshasa.
demolish to tear down or destroy.