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dentist a doctor who takes care of the teeth and mouth.
deny to say that something is not true; refuse to agree with. [2 definitions]
deodorant a substance for stopping or covering up unpleasant odors.
depart to leave; go away.
department a separate part of a large organization, such as a government, school, or business.
department store a large store with separate departments, each selling a certain type of goods.
depend to trust or rely (usually followed by "on" or "upon"). [3 definitions]
dependable deserving trust or confidence; able to be counted on.
dependence the condition of relying on another for help, or to provide what one needs.
dependent relying on another for help or to provide what one needs. [3 definitions]
depict to show, describe, or portray in a painting, sculpture, or written work.
deport to make a person leave a country.
deposit to hand over to a bank or other safe place. [7 definitions]
depot a bus or train station. [2 definitions]
depress to cause to be unhappy or in low spirits.
depressed sad or very low in spirits. [3 definitions]
depression a mood characterized by deep sadness or low spirits. [4 definitions]
deprive to take away from; not allow to have.
depth the condition or quality of being deep. [2 definitions]
deputy a person appointed to assist and sometimes act in the place of someone else.
derby a horse race run every year and limited to three-year-old horses. [2 definitions]