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derby a horse race run every year and limited to three-year-old horses. [2 definitions]
derivation act of process of deriving or coming from. [3 definitions]
derive to obtain from a particular source (usually followed by "from"). [2 definitions]
derrick a machine for lifting and moving heavy loads. It has a center beam that does not move and a long arm that turns around the base. [2 definitions]
desalinate to remove salt from, esp. to make sea water drinkable.
desalination the process of removing salt from water, especially for the purpose of making sea water drinkable; desalinization.
desalinization the process of removing salt from water. Desalinization allows sea water to be used for drinking and for watering crops.
descend to move downward or to a lower position. [4 definitions]
descendant one who comes from a given ancestor or ancestors.
descent the act or process of going downward. [2 definitions]
describe to tell or write about; create a picture of in words.
description the act of using words to tell others what something is or was like. [3 definitions]
descriptive using or full of description.
desegregate to stop the practice of having separate schools and other facilities for people of different races.
desert1 a very dry, sandy area with few or no plants growing in it.
desert2 to leave behind even though it is one's duty to stay; abandon.
deserve to be worthy of or have a right to.
design to make or draw plans for the structure or form of. [5 definitions]
designate to point out or name. [3 definitions]
designated hitter a member of an American League baseball team who is chosen at the beginning of a game to bat in place of the pitcher.
designer a person who makes or draws plans for creating something, especially physical objects or structures.