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destructive causing complete ruin or destruction.
detach to separate from a whole.
detail a small item; a particular. [3 definitions]
detailed giving a lot of information including small, but often important, pieces of information.
detain to keep from going on; stop or delay. [2 definitions]
detect to discover or notice.
detective a person, often a police officer, whose job is to find information that will solve crimes.
detector a device that finds or detects something, such as changes in temperature or pressure.
detention the detaining of someone for a short time, either as punishment or until a trial can be held.
deter to stop or discourage from some action by creating doubt or fear.
detergent a chemical substance in the form of a liquid or powder used for washing things.
deteriorate to become less in value or quality; decline. [2 definitions]
determination the quality of having a firm goal or being determined. [2 definitions]
determine to decide or settle finally and without question. [3 definitions]
determined showing determination.
detest to have a strong dislike for; hate.
detonate to explode or cause to explode.
detour a temporary route made to avoid a road repair or other problem, or some other way that is longer than the direct route. [3 definitions]
detract to lessen or take away (often followed by "from").
detrimental causing harm.
devastate to destroy or ruin. [2 definitions]