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deter to stop or discourage from some action by creating doubt or fear.
detergent a chemical substance in the form of a liquid or powder used for washing things.
deteriorate to become less in value or quality; decline. [2 definitions]
determination the quality of having a firm goal or being determined. [2 definitions]
determine to decide or settle finally and without question. [3 definitions]
determined showing determination.
detest to have a strong dislike for; hate.
detonate to explode or cause to explode.
detour a temporary route made to avoid a road repair or other problem, or some other way that is longer than the direct route. [3 definitions]
detract to lessen or take away (often followed by "from").
detrimental causing harm.
devastate to destroy or ruin. [2 definitions]
develop to bring out the potential of; advance to a more complete or more effective condition. [6 definitions]
developer someone who buys land and makes it ready to be used for homes, business, recreation, or the like.
developing gaining in size, maturity, or complexity.
development the act of developing or bringing to a completed state. [3 definitions]
developmental of or having to do with how someone or something develops from the earliest stages. [2 definitions]
deviate to turn away from a direct course or one that has already been set. [2 definitions]
device an invention or machine used to perform simple tasks or something else made for a specific purpose. [2 definitions]
devil (often capitalized) the chief spirit of evil in Christianity. The Devil is the master of Hell and enemy of God; Satan. [3 definitions]
devious not open or honest.