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dialing code the British word for the set of digits at the beginning of a telephone number that represents a telephone district. "Dialing code" has a meaning similar to "area code."
dialog box a window that appears on a computer screen to ask for information from the person using the computer.
dialogue a talk between two or more people or between characters in a play, film, or novel.
dial tone the steady hum or buzzing sound in a telephone receiver showing that the line is open and a number may be dialed or entered.
diameter a straight line from one side of a circle or sphere to the other that passes through the center. [3 definitions]
diamond a clear mineral that is a crystal form of pure carbon. Diamonds are the hardest natural substance known. They are used in making jewelry and as tools for cutting hard materials. [5 definitions]
diaper a baby's underwear of soft cloth or paper folded between the legs and fastened at the waist.
diaphragm a wall of muscle that separates the chest and abdomen in humans and certain animals. [2 definitions]
diarrhea a condition marked by frequent and watery bowel movements.
diary a daily record of a person's experiences and thoughts. [2 definitions]
dice small cubes with dots on each side numbering one to six. Dice are often used in pairs for board games and games of chance. [2 definitions]
dictate to say or read aloud for someone to write down or for a machine to record. [3 definitions]
dictator a ruler who has total authority.
dictionary a book, or a source of information found on a computer, that lists the words of a language in alphabetical order, along with information about their meaning, spelling, and pronunciation.
did past tense of "do1."
didn't shortened form of "did not."
die1 to stop living; become dead. [4 definitions]
die2 singular of "dice."
diesel engine a type of engine that burns fuel oil. Diesel engines are different from most car engines, which use an electric spark to ignite the fuel. In a diesel engine, the fuel is sprayed into a chamber and set on fire by the heat of air that has been put under high pressure. Big trucks have diesel engines.
diet1 the food and drink usually eaten and drunk by a person or animal. [3 definitions]
dietitian a person who is trained to plan healthful meals for both ill and healthy people.